Trailer Legend

The trailer to the Website shows the scope of the events and of what already happened in the PENELOPE project conducting these presentations. Here we explain what you see in the seconds and milliseconds of the trailer.

sec 00.00

Animation by Viktoria Lubomski representing the path of two maypole dancers, or two maypole braiding PENELOPE robots, or two spools in a Maypole braiding machine. The audio along the trailer is taken from an mp4 file made by PENELOPE team members Alex McLean and Giovanni Fanfani. Giovanni starts with a recitation of Homer’s Iliad describing the circle of dancers on the shield of Achilleus. Alex, taking up the hexametric rhythm of Homer,  live codes a sound carpet around it. The complete original video/soumd is here: Improvising with Iliad

sec 09.07

Handloom weaver from Laos at the conference on Innovating Cultures on Craft & Handloom Weaving in Chirala, Andra Pradesh, India in 2018. The Laos loom has a vertical system for storing patterns similar to the Jacquard machine. You can see more from this weaver and his loom in our film Ulatbansi.

sec 10.26

One of the first versions of the Pattern Matrix simulation. You can test the latest version here:

sec 13.09

Alex McLean live coding the Live Loom. For more information see Listening to Patterns or Interview with Alex McLean on Code – Weave – Music.

sec 15.15

Munich Damasc Weaver Sylvia Wiechmann knitting the heddles for weaving an Egyptian children tunic at the warp-weighted loom in the PENELOPE Laboratory in 2017.

sec 19.05

Dave Griffiths (ThenTryThis, formerly FoAM Kernow) testing the first version of the Pattern Matrix.

For latest (virtual) version try this.

sec 22.03

Laos loom weaver at Handloom Innovation Conference in Chirala, India. There is more to see in our film Ulatbansi.

sec 25.04

Interactive audiovisual fabric by Sandra DeBerduccy presented at the opening of RODEO Munich Dance Festival in 2019. Sandra worked for six weeks in our PENELOPE Laboratory in the Museum for Plaster Casts Munich on this project entitled AWAY TAKIY. Patterns of the work are common to both Andean and ancient Greek weaving, althoug the weaving technique is different.

sec 29.25

Augmented Pattern Matrix for live coding music as used for the session at the Algomech festival in Sheffield in 2018.

sec 32.19

Maypole braiding machine performing along a workshop of the PENELOPE team in Textile Culture Haslach, Austria.

sec 34.28

Handweaver from Chirala silently discussing pattern making with the weaver from Laos at the Laos loom at Chirala, Handloom Innovation Conference. More on this silent exchange in our film Ulatbansi.

sec 36.21

PENELOPEan robots performing at the Algomech festival 2019 in the Wintergarden of Millenium Gallery, Sheffield. If you like to try the remote robot maypole dance, see here.

sec 40.03

Sandra DeBerduccy weaving on the Andean backstrap loom in the PENELOPE Laboratory, September 2019.

sec 42.21

Dave Griffiths tablet-weaving the body of a PENELOPEan robot. Our robots will remotely perform in one of our online events here: XXX

sec 48.00

Alex McLean live coding along Giovanni’s Iliad recitation. Learn more about Alex and his work in the video chat with Julin Lee on Code • Weave • Music.

sec 50.09

PENELOPEan robot performing at Algomech festival, Sheffield, UK 2019.

sec 55.00