Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement

AlgoMech festival

Alexandra Cardenas and Camilla Barratt-Due performing with algorithmically and pneumatically-controlled accordions at AlgoMech 2017

As part of our project we have explored the weaving of codes and musical scores, including in craft and art performance. This work has included curating AlgoMech (the festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement) in 2017 and 2019, inviting dozens of artists exploring algorithmic and/or mechanical patterns in their work, including many working with or inspired by weaving and other textile artforms.

During the looms-in-motion week we will launch a short film about a recent AlgoMech drop-in family workshop, where choreographer and researcher Rosamaria Cisneros, live coder Lucy Cheesman and PENELOPE team member Alex McLean introduced participants to patterns across flamenco, music and weave.


Video recap of our 2019 AlgoMech festival