PENELOPE remote Maypole Robot Dancing

Dance together safely in a pandemic with PENELOPE woven maypole dancing robots! This is an event where participants are invited to use a simple visual programming system in their browsers to remotely program small robots to dance around a maypole. Once acquainted with the system and their robot, the aim will be to produce a simple braid. The progress will be viewable via Zoom, and will be something a bit like controlling robots on another planet.

We set up a maypole, add some cameras and lighting. You’ll get assigned a robot which you can see over Zoom with 7 other participants. No programming or maypole dancing experience required.

We’ll explain how to use “Yarn”, our simple ‘drag and drop’ visual programming system for controlling the movements of your robot, which you can use in your browser. We’ll then explore together some maypole dances that result in different braids. The dance will be recorded so we can watch it later in timelapse.


Day 1 Morning/Afternoon sessions for 2 hours each (online registration for 8 participants per session)

Day 2 Morning/Afternoon sessions for 2 hours each

Production and presentation online of video

Mode of participation

online via Zoom