Pattern Matrix Simulation

This is an online exhibit allowing participants to play with weaving patterns and experience the transformation of pattern without needing to warp a loom. This simulation is aimed at accessibility, and self explanation.

Example of the simulation, with draft pattern on the left and woven fabric on the riht

Currently running here :

The simulation helps us get closer to an understanding of the mind of the weaver of the ancient Greek world, how she carried out digital, algorithmic thinking in order to design and manipulate threads in the same way as a programmer today manipulates code to transform data. This is why the warp is vertical like in a warp-weighted loom.

The work of the PENELOPE project has required the development of many weaving simulations. Unusually we have never been concerned in this regard with providing ‘tools to help weavers’, rather we are interested in using simulations and models in order to pinpoint and examine specific mathematical elements of weaving and bring them to a wider understanding.

This simulation is part of the Pattern Matrix, and designed to work with a tangible interface to provide a meeting point for thinking via physical manipulation involved in weaving technology with the traditionally restricted physicality of programming. When in a physical exhibition people can manipulate the weaving pattern using magnetic blocks on a grid structure.