Tablet-Weaving the SDGs

Tablet-Weaving the Sustainable Development Goals

This is a project initiated by Verena Winiwarter from the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2019.

Verena is an Austrian environmental historian with an interest in forwarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations ( However, she realized that the progress of the SDG implementation is far behind estimates, and she suspected the representation of the goals as colored quadrangles to be part of the reason for this: they were successful as graphical markers for anyone who wanted to decorate and thus legitimize their activities as pertaining to the SDGs.

Verena approached Ellen (head of the PENELOPE project) with the idea of tablet weaving the SDGs, exploring the potential of a different type of representation that accounts for their networked nature and complexity. With Charlotte Holzer, textile conservator at the Deutsches Museum, we did a small project on the idea documented in a report of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (

We would like to present our results and discuss the idea with people interested in the SDG concept, or in weaving, or both at best.

Verena will introduce the SDG idea, and we have Q&A, discussion with Charlotte, Verena and Ellen.

Date and time: 15. October, 14.00 – 15:00

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